Hollis – Let Me Not


Artist’s get inspired by a plethora of things in their lives, be it a personal experience they went through, a chance encounter in the street or giving themselves the advice they needed to hear many a moon ago. Well the California based musician Hollis’s first bolt of inspiration for her latest track Let Me Not came from an old diary entry she was reading where one line of her unfiltered thoughts stuck a chord deep within and encouraged her to turn it into a powerful lyric. We get launched head first into her mindset, bringing her diary entries to life for us as she opens with a quirky synth melody, reminiscent of classic video game soundtrack, that is eery yet so deeply enthralling. Then we arrive at the bombastic chorus which arrives in explosive style, a vibrant array of guitar riffs and electronic flourishes as her vocal belts out the emotive lyrics in a cathartic thunderstorm of epic proportions. Then you’ve got her self-directed cinematic visual which is the cherry on top of this treat for the ears and eyes.

With her debut solo album, Subliminal, coming out in early 2022, this little taster gets us majorly hyped for what we’re about to witness. Honestly if she can make more stadium anthems like this that I’ll be playing back to back for weeks on end, then we’re in for a right royal treat!

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