The Ensemble #22

King Stingray – Milkumana

Australia is going through a golden age currently with countless outstandingly unique musicians emerging from down under on a daily basis and no one exemplifies this more than King Stingray. Blending English and Yolŋu lyrics over a surf styled disco groove in Milkumana, they show their sound is joy personified that captures their free spirited nature and transfers it down to you, allowing us all to have a massive serotonin boost. They radiate warmth, their energy is unmatched and they create wonderful music that is so distinct that I truly believe no one else is doing what they’re doing right now. It’s an amalgamation of different genres, cultures, languages and goes back to what they said the song is all about, “we are all living under the same sun, sailing in the same boat, towards a brighter future. It’s about role models and the importance of setting good examples for the new generation.” These guys are true music kings who’re are rapidly rising in Australia and I truly hope they become a household name. Kings indeed.

Julia Gomez – Your Girl

If you’re like me and have fallen for Willow Smith’s viral treat Meet Me At Our Spot then you need to hop onto the genre fluid songwriter Julia Gomez. Using their empowering vocal and capturing the raw soul of their lyrics through an evocative performance, they form a punchy sound that’s reminiscent of indie rock during the early 2000’s mixed with a contemporary punk flair. Every piece of their emotion is translated through their impactful vocal, making every note carry a freight trains worth of passion. Their divine timbre pierces through the raw production, allowing for a majestic experience that has to be seen to be believed. It’s the type of track I can envision seeing live with the atmosphere from the crowd being electric as they belt each word back at Gomez, well worth a listen.

NEDA – Lewisham High St

Born in South London to Iranian parents, the British songwriter NEDA brings the 60’s country storytelling style and the authenticity that comes along with it and pulls it head first into the 21st century. Her flawless vocal is truly timeless, you could put her music into any decade, past, present or future, and you’d be convinced it was the latest release my a modern chart heavyweight artist. I’d akin Lewisham High St to driving down the motorway in the middle of summer, windows down, not caring where you wish to go and letting the open road take you to somewhere refreshingly new. It’s rather magical and her vocal is at the centre of it all. Honestly you won’t find a vocal like this everyday and it creates mesmerising experience that I’ve had on repeat since it came out.

Sweets x Luke Royalty – Toy Story

Summer might be over but artists like Sweets and Luke Royalty make sure that the vibes never stop. Their collaboration Toy Story is a fun musical bop that effortlessly blends their own individual sounds together, whilst still giving them both run to be carefree and add their own distinct flair to their performance. Playfully dancing along without a care in the world, their cheeky lyrics will soon be implanted in your mind with the addictive hooks making one listen enough to get it stuck in your head for weeks on end. The hazy production is reminiscent of the Cali-Pop influx of the early 2010’s, warmth radiating from the guitar riffs and slick beats adding to this tropical feel that makes it feel like the sun is dancing across your skin. Then we’ve got the vocal which reflect the mood perfectly as the buoyant rap arrives and put the cherry on top of this late summer anthem.

FPA – The Loved One

Currently FPA is creating a fantasy thriller that could rival the Lord of the Rings through her majestic and mythical sound. Her upcoming album Princess Wiko is going to take us on an enthralling tale with our titular heroine goes down the path of self discovery whilst she is forced to betray her heart and marry a man whom she doesn’t love. If that alone doesn’t get you hook then hopefully her single The Loved One will because ever since I read the synopsis of this album I’ve been counting down the day til its release. Beautifully hypnotic, this track is sonic magic with her ethereal vocal making you envision pixies dancing through the woods as she effortlessly portrays a tale of loving discovery. If you love any form of fantasy movie, book or TV show and want something where you’re able to escape from the monotony of this world, then dive into her sound ASAP!

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