Jay Americana – The Fever

Jay Americana has a sound that is the definition of effortlessly cool. With a laidback candour and vocal timbre that cruises seamlessly between mesmerising singing, that melts over the top of his beguiling production, and intoxicating rapping, reminiscent of Drake, that he makes look effortless, Americana produces music that makes you feel like a main character. His multifaceted soundscape has allowed him to wear a variety of musical hats, whether it be producing indie pop bangers that have us labelling him an indie pop heartthrob, hard-hitting rap verses that were made for nights out or alternative bangers to blast out of your car, he can do it all. His instrumental are the driving force behind it all, never sitting still or saying a common place thing but continuously moving forward into the unknown through a bramble of misinformation that sees his poetic lyrics become a beacon of light, guiding us through to see a better tomorrow.

Living, travelling, adventuring, he’s got a song that will soundtrack all moments of your life. His latest EP Even Stars Burn Out showcases this with the standout track The Fever being a sonic treat for the ears. Exploding into life like a dazzling firework, he manages to light up the nights sky for an abundance of people who all ooooh and ahhhh in unison over the wonder he portrays through melancholic lyrical bliss and a melodic production backing them up. It’s difficult not to find yourself becoming enamoured by his ever expanding soundscape, just dive into the EP to see because it’s got something for everyone.

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