Bluey – Hard To Pretend

Currently if you google Bluey you get an Australian kids show but with how high quality this artists music is, it won’t be long til his songs are plastered across that first page. Bluey, otherwise known as Lachie Gilmour, creates the dreamiest of dream pop music, being somewhat reminiscent of Elliot Smith fused together with Beach House, that makes me think someone sprinkled sonic pixie dust across all his sound. Hard To Pretend is magical, it’s reminiscent of getting into a warm bath where you get a soothing sensation slowly sweep across your body, you feel completely at ease and you slowly lean back and let the world disappear for a few moments. Weightless is the perfect way to describe this. As his blithe filled melodies take the weight of the world off your shoulders as his clever wordplay lifts you up and the sunsoaked guitars make you feel the warmth of the sun dancing across your skin.

Lush, dreamy, mesmerising, there are a plethora of words that can describe Bluey’s sound and all of them ring true. He’s precious gem of an artist who turns the nightmare of modern living, with the disasters we read about on a daily basis, into a brief dream where you feel euphoria go through your body.

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