Toby Corton – You Know Me So Well


Based in East London, the 28 year old queer artist Toby Corton blurs the lines between nostalgia and modern fascination, creating music that soundtracks an idyllic Summer’s afternoon filled with moments that fill up your memory banks with You Know Me So Well being the perfect representation of this. The whimsical soundscape, that infuses elements of British soul, jazz and R&B before viewing them through a DIY lens, has this ability to fill every moment of your life with all the vibrant colours of the rainbow. He brings unadulterated amounts of joy to you, giving you a boost of serotonin that fills you up with euphoric jubilance that has me smiling from ear to ear. As he croons the sweetly toned lyrics about acceptance and coming home to a place or space where you feel like you’re your truest happiest self, you can’t help but envision yourself at that place and that wonderful feeling is past down to you. His honey drizzled vocal never falters, always uplifting you and making the everything seem so utterly magical.

Having always been fascinated by the creative process, Corton has done a variety of artistic pieces of work such as; photographing the iconic drag queen Bimini Bon Boulash and London Trans Pride founder Lucia Blayke, directing music videos for Jessica Wilde and produced music for other visual artists like Adam Frost. Now he’s stepping out from behind the curtain and into the spotlight once more as he astounds us with his artistic talents.

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