thomTide – MySakura


thomTide has had one hell of year as far as releasing music is concerned. His year-long odyssey exploring love, loss, and the rise and fall of the seasons arrives at its inevitable conclusion today with the release of MySakura, showcasing his genre defying ability and natural vocal that continuously sends chills running down my back. A genuinely spellbinding end to this fascinating journey he’s undergone. Each not hits that sweet spot, each melody wraps itself around you like an old friend and every lyric adds more to his vivid portrait of himself with the end note being the final stroke of this four part epic he’s crafted.

His musical episodic format has allowed us all to go on this journey with him, getting attached to his character, forming emotional bonds with his introspective lyrical musings and seeing him evolve overtime into the person he is today. We’ve gone through the fall of a relationship in Autumn, the battles he’s faced during winter, him moving on from old problems to greener pastures in Spring and it all ends today with the conclusion of Summer. With this finale we get a stunning visual to go a long with it, capturing the final stages of this journey beautifully through a cinematic lens that gives fans the closure they so richly deserve to this tale. This won’t be the last time we hear thomTide’s name, be sure to take a peak at his discography and go on that journey with him.

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