Maisyn – Cool Grl

Ever wanted to feel like the main character in an A24 coming of age movie directed by Greta Gerwig that captures through the essence of youth through a crisp lens that is reminiscent of 90’s film photograph? If you have, then all you need to do is listen to Maisyn’s debut EP Cool Grl to get that experience. It’s a tale of adolescence in its truest sense by being incredibly authentic, taking pieces of her childhood, tumult, trauma and heartbreak before stitching them together to form a cohesive story that slowly sees you become attached to where she’s come from. It’s genuinely like watching a movie, you see her grow from the person she once was and into who she is now, capturing the ecstatic beauty of her life that came from the troubles she went through as well as some of the small joys. She speaks so candidly about her insecurities throughout that anyone can find solace within her heartfelt words, it’s just beautiful.

Better Being Heartless is a driving anthem we all need to have, especially if you’re going through a rough break up where you can belt each word out without a care. 8.20 was made for those moments where you see someone and immediately fall head over heels for despite not knowing anything about them. Pool Party was made for swaying in the breeze by the coast with some close friends beside you as you go deep into your emotions. Valentine Road will have you reaching for the tissues in a heartbeat, no questions asked. Nosebleeds is whimsical nostalgia that gives me flashbacks to Bridge to Terebithia with the magic it holds and freedom that enigmatic production offers. Cool Grl ends the EP to remind us all the marvel that is Maisyn’s hypnotic talents. Dive into this EP ASAP, it’s a spectacle you need to behold.

Must Read