Maya Hirasedo – Sinking

Capturing the idyll feeling that comes with love through her spellbinding vocal and a chilled out alt R&B sonic landscape reminiscent of Jhene Aiko mixed with a bit of Ariana Grande, the Melbourne based musician Maya Hirasedo certainly knows how to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Filling every nook and cranny with her beautiful timbre, Sinking is short but sweet as she elegantly weaves the overpowering emotions that come with the enduring feeling of love during adolescence. The slow burn of this romance is felt as the track idly drifts along like a leaf down a stream, not being a quick flash in the pan but something that is shown over time as these two lovebirds have butterflies fill their stomach and eventually throw caution to the wind to let the love burn brighter than fireworks across the nights sky. The laidback production is magnificent yet simplistic, perfectly capturing that sinking feeling that comes with the overbearing sensation of love. The true star of the show however is her voice, her luxurious tone oozes soul and her passion is felt throughout, never faltering and leaving me floored.

Her bright breezy brand of idyllic alt R&B is liquid gold and her honey drizzled soundscape is as fine as silk. She oozes confidence and by the time any track from her discography finishes playing, you’ll find yourself begging for more.

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