Brimming with passion, SPIDER marks her return with a standout single as she strives to represent the new generation of youth transitioning into the cacophony of madness that is the nature of young adulthood. Embracing her pain through a flurry of evocative lyrics coming from the deepest part of a psyche, she doesn’t masquerade as somebody she’s not, she showcases everything to demonstrate how in a world where everyone hides their battle scars, sometimes it’s better to let your feelings show. Her sound is an amalgamation of iconic artists of today, taking the brooding darkness of Lorde’s hypnotic sound, the compelling hooks of Conan Gray and authenticity of Taylor Swift, making something that is distinct and truly her own as she adds her own personal flair to the spider’s web of her sound. Her debut single Water Sign was a storming success, the 21 year old Irish-Nigerian isn’t stopping there though as she continues to thrive within her latest single.

I’M FINE! I’M GOOD! I’M PERFECT! is an anthem for sure. Amidst a high octane production filled with a distorted array of seismic guitars and bombastic synths, SPIDER’s introspective self-reflecting lyrics pierce through like rays of sunlight through a cloud as she holds her hands up and takes accountability for her past. Her tongue remains firmly in her cheek as her charisma filled vocal croons these lyrics, allowing us to become part of the narrative and inject ourselves into the tale she’s crafted. It’s intensely honest, she doesn’t skimp of the details and owns her past, admitting she was partly at fault, whilst not forgiving those who’ve hurt her as her anthemic vocal brings all these feelings to life. SPIDER is truly a generational talent and if you haven’t hopped onto her music yet then this is the perfect time to do so as she weaves a sonic web that’ll leave us all enamoured.

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