Hemes – Calm

Amidst the turbulent times in her life, where chaos reigned supreme and her inner thoughts became a cacophony of frantic, the British Arabic artist Hemes wanted to create an anthem for those longing for a calm place where they could switch off for a few minutes of the day. This is where Calm was born, a lilting pop ballad that showcases her ethereal vocal as it pierces through the booming production during the chorus, perfectly representing that calm amongst the madness she so desperately craved. Her lyrics dissect a wide range of issues that plague our minds, ranging from the never ending impact portraying the perfect life on social media can bring to the pressures of modern day living that take a devastating tole upon her mental health. Her passion is poured out through her sentimental delivery, allowing her celestial timbre to shine like a diamond with backing of a heavenly choir and her lyrics to become all the more poetically poignant.

Filled with a bittersweet nostalgia, Hemes is an artist who’s highlighting the strength of the British music scene. She’s a powerhouse who channels her own personal experiences of growing up, mental health and self-discovery into her artistry. With each release her soundscape is elevated and it won’t be too long before the world catches on.

“I wrote Calm about the feeling of wanting inner peace, we all have times of chaos in our lives so I wanted to write an anthem that specifically addresses the longing for calm through the racing thoughts and overthinking that I felt.” Hemes remembers about writing it “It was one of those songs that were unplanned, I always found it hard to talk about what I was feeling so I decided to write about it instead, and the feelings just poured out, I wrote it in my bedroom and then took it to the studio about a week later.” 

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