Olive Amun – Deadweight

Australia’s very own Olive Amun has already proven that he’s the complete package as far as a ready made music icon is concerned. Having an abundance of charisma that is reminiscent of Dominic Fike when he first exploded onto the scene and a candid honesty that translates through his lyrics as if he were Mac Miller, the artist has never once made us doubt the hype train that surrounds his musicality. He’s best described as an open book, baring his soul to us through his fearless self-expression that turns his music into a therapy session for us, one listen and he allows anyone who wishes to find solace within his authentic narrative. It’s quite clear to see why he’s got such a buzz around his name, one deep dive into his discography and you’ll see he’s written hit after hit that could easily climb its way up any chart and make seasonal hit makers jealous. He continues to excel at this today with the release of another earworm that you’ll be humming for the next few weeks, possibly months knowing his track record.

Wanting it to feel like a Tarantino movie with the raw yet sour taste it leaves in your mouth, Deadweight shows how Olive Amun is a real heavyweight. His immense vocal talent is put on full display as he croons lyrics that touch on a wide range of relationships and experiences, with dark fantasies mixed in there too, over a brooding production that gives off pure anti pop goodness. With each release he raises the bar, going higher and higher until he’s beaten the Olympic record 15 times over and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop doing that anytime soon. The Kid LAROI blew up Australia and then the world, Olive Amun looks like he could be next in line for the Aussie throne.

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