E the profit – E for Effortless

Never before has the title for a mixtape been so accurate because E the profit does truly make it look effortless. The Kentucky based rapper has already become a well known name in his state, getting hyped up by the underground rap community as he captured the imagination and joy of the usually country music driven state. He’s not just making waves, he’s currently in the process of making a tsunamis (akin to Jack Harlow) as his sound slowly washes over his local community, washing them away the lyrical devastation he brings along with his fervent flow that leaves people reeling and begging for more. If you haven’t managed to hear this artist yet, then this is the perfect time to hop onto him as his latest mixtape E for Effortless is the perfect introduction to his killer brand of hip hop. Be it freestyles, vibes or bombastic bangers, he’s got it all here for you to take in.

Black Sweats is a fan favourite, and rightly so, with clever wordplay and a fervent delivery getting you invested straight off the bat. The opening track Who is E the Profit (Intro) is him reciting his manifesto to us, giving a speech that John F. Kennedy would be proud of, as he lets you know exactly what you’re in for, what is yet to come and if you’re ready to go on this journey with him. The array of booming beats with get your head bopping like a bobble head as the bass thumps through your body with his playful lyrical musings impressing more and more as the mixtape goes on. His flow is next level too, never faltering, always giving us the heat that rivals that of the California forest fires and, given his talent levels, I can only see him continuing to bring the heat.

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