Shayhan – Never Ask


Have you ever wondered what Finding Nemo would look like if the roles were reversed and a human was being shaken in that bag by Darla? Well that’s what the Seattle based psychedelic soul musician Shayhan has done, creating a wonderfully imaginative music video that sees the artist do his best fish out of water impression that could see him pip Leonardo DiCaprio for an Oscar this year. He’s already showcased his wild imagination in the past through a kaleidoscopic soundscape of experimental melodies that take influence from the 60’s and 70’s and are infused within a blend psychedelia, jazz, soul and classic rock, making something truly distinct that has ridiculously high replay value. He raises this to a whole new level in Never Ask however, showing off his off-kilter vocal that is filled with charisma as he croons naturalistic lyrics of an authentic tale, perfectly portraying the unorthodox world he’s playfully created for us. The music and visuals crash together in a perfectly blend of weirdness and expressive talents, making the absurdity of his madness even more enticing than it was before.

Mad as a hatter, Shayhan’s a one in a million artist who’s richly textured soundscape of addictive funk driven basslines and coruscating guitar melodies is ready for chart glory. Go on a cosmic journey, that will leave question if this is what being high is like, and let Shayhan’s transcend through you. Get ready for his upcoming project Mr Fish because it’s bound to be something special.

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