Rocco – Ring!


The 18 year old wunderkind Rocco has a charismatic personality with an infectious young charm that makes his melodic brand of indie pop so alluring. When you think of summer his sound is exactly what pops to mind, it’s a gorgeous slice of intoxicating summer bliss that ducks and weaves through your defences and soon embraces you in a comforting hug that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You can’t help but dive headfirst into his carefree world, he giddily soundtracks your adolescence through his youthful exuberance and relatable lyrics that belong in a modern day coming of age film (not He’s All That.) His introspective approach to storytelling mixed with his kaleidoscopic narratives finds the subtle beauty within the trials and tribulations that come with modern day teenage romances. He combines the joy that comes from nostalgia with the excitement of what tomorrow may bring and that’s why his latest release has already become apart of my heavy rotation.

Thematically Ring! is about a brief one time romantic endeavour and how he now wastes his time sitting by the phone waiting for the person who he can’t get out of his head to pick up the phone and give him a call. Earnestly singing heartfelt lyrics with his rich timbre over a whimsical soundscape that is the equivalent of a wistful summer daydream, Rocco’s optimism is infectious as his naive hopefulness transcends the woeful outcome that will soon become reality. His candour leaves you rooting for him throughout and, even if the outcome isn’t what we desired, he swiftly becomes that ray of sunshine that dances across our skin and injects us with serotonin on an otherwise cloudy day. Rocco, a killer talent and an utter joy to listen to.

Must Read