Ralphie Kent – In Your Arms

Whilst pursuing world domination with his band Secondhand Sound, the Nashville based musician Cameron Schmidt wanted a place where he could express his unhindered thoughts and feelings for the world to hear without fear or judgement. This is how in moniker Ralphie Kent was born, an exciting new chapter in this artist’s journey as he heroically throws out the rulebook to create a cinematic sound that sends chills across my body in mere seconds. I envision his debut In Your Arms to feature during a dramatic emotional moment to signify the third act in an award winning romantic movie, just witnessing our love interest falling for someone else and our world comes crashing down as memories of our time together play in an elegantly crafted montage. Gentle guitar riffs reminiscent of classic lullabies melt together with the electronically distorted vocals before the ethereal synths and symphonic strings pepper the soundscape with their majestic beauty, tying everything together in a perfect bow.

Ralphie Kent’s sound is like breathing for the soul. You take a moment to let the world pass by around you, taking it all in as his euphonic sonic experience leaves you enamoured by the beauty of the world, whether it be the tragic side or the euphoria inducing side. His music hits that angelic sweet spot that will leave you falling for his new project.

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