Puru Dogra – Get There


Puru Dogra makes music that is way beyond his 13 years of age. He’s been writing and producing since he was 8 and is now blossoming into an artist who turns heads the second his halcyon vocal enters a room in tracks like in Get There. Known by his friends for always pushing his music to the next level, he effortlessly crafts R&B that feels timeless with his sentimental message delivering by his tenderly poised vocal soaring across the lo-fi soundscape. However what impressed me the most was the emotion of the piece, young musician’s have a habit of missing the mark when it comes to creating an emotional connection through their lyrics, but this wunderkind excels at this. His vocal candour brings out the heartfelt nature of the lyrics, creating a saudade beauty that is reminiscent of a rainbow after a thunderstorm. He flaunts his talent through an array of expressive flourishes that will leave you speechless by the delectable ear candy he’s just brought to you and, before too long, you’ll be wondering how you haven’t of him sooner.

The kaleidoscopic beauty of Puru Dogra’s talent is easily noticeable. As he greets us with his synthesis and intertwines us with his future releases, I have no doubt that we will see his artistic capabilities break through any ceiling that tries to hold him in because the sky is truly the limit with this artist. I haven’t stopped playing this since I heard it and I doubt that’ll stop anytime soon.

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