Gio Genesis – Wither (Remix)


Adding your own spin to a Frank Ocean song is always a gutsy move to take, considering he hasn’t dropped a bad song to date, but one listen to Gio Genesis’s creative spin on Wither (Remix) and you’ll soon realise that the risk is more than worth the reward. His voice is a powerful catalyst that transcends the original lyrics with the minimalistic production of subtle electronic flourishes and lush vocal harmonies only highlighting that connection further, forming an evocative display of emotion that only leaves the listener wanting more. This moment of vulnerability and tenderness allows us to peer past the track’s original meaning and see Gio’s own vision, profoundly marrying bittersweet nostalgia with a hopeful future. It’s best described as sonic poetry, his hypnotic qualities get you invested and his sentimental perception will leave you floored. Although you may not know Gio Genesis’s name yet, it will only be a matter of time til you’re belting his lyrics back at him.

If you loved this, we highly recommend diving in his back catalogue. He creates world’s of vivid emotion through an array of fervent raps and distinct vocal flourishes, both blossoming into a sonic wonderland where he allows you to escape from the trials and tribulations that come with modern living. Gio Genesis is an artist who’s magnetic voice is more than worth a listen.

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