Daniel Joy – Gone Girl

We’ve all had those break ups that’ve left us as sobbing messes on the floor, drowning in a lake of our own tears as we wish we could go back to beginning and be with them again. The pain pierces our heart like a dagger, resulting in countless daydreams, or day nightmares, as we envision life without them. Danish musician Daniel Joy knows this feeling all too well, translating his own heartbreak into a sonic diary entry titled Gone Girl. You go through the stages of a break up with him; the deeply personal moment of mourning the loss of this relationship, the fear of them moving on with someone else before finally accepting it all and, even if they’re gone right now, they might one day come back to you. The candid lyrics bring you into Joy’s psyche, shedding away the walls that he built up to protect himself and allowing the intimate soundscape to let his emotion pour like rain during a thunderstorm.

His hopeless romantic side is seen during the opening, lullaby styled guitar melodies compliments his heartfelt vocal as he effortlessly croons yearning lyrics for this love to come back to him. However, mid-way through we get a tonal shift, going from Ed Sheeran ballad to The 1975 stadium anthem, showing him moving forward with his emotions. He refuses to be stuck in the past, accepting how loving someone isn’t always enough and hurls himself forward, along with this sentiment, to move on with his life. Daniel Joy writes music that goes through the spectrum of human emotion, happiness, sadness, anxiety, insecurity, loneliness, he discusses it all and becomes your own personal therapist in the process, allowing for a cleansing emotional sonic experience.

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