Jay Americana – Idle Hands

Affectionately referring to his sound as trap-pop, Jay Americana congregates his mass of influences to form a coven of sounds, bouncing off of one another in an echo chamber like structure to give his sonic palate a wide variety of flavoursome combinations to try. Whether it be autotune crooning dancing across an abrasive soundscape, hard-hitting rap tracks Kanye would be enthralled by or pop anthems, Americana doesn’t hesitate to throw a spanner in the works and do something completely unexpected that catches us all off guard. Even today with his latest release, Idle Hands, we see Americana blends elements of indie pop and 80’s-esque post punk together, giving off heavy A24 soundtrack vibes, as he wraps his own personal experiences in a sonic bow, bewitching us with his refreshing sound.

His woozy vocals melt over the top of a beguiling production, dancing that fine line between happiness and sadness with the glistening electronics during the chorus that were made to soundtrack your late night summer walks and somber guitars building off the heartfelt vocal. The narrative enthrals you from the get go, you become a fly on the wall watching this story unfold, similar to an award winning drama where every verse counts as a thrilling new episode. Dynamic, expressive and mesmerising, Jay Americana continues to propel himself into the uncharted territories of his sonic world and leaves us fascinated by what new discoveries he will uncover next.

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