DellaXOZ – Where Do I Belong?

Capturing the oscillating mind of a modern teenager, the 17 year old musician DellaXOZ has proven time and time again that she’s a truly special talent. Going from erratic melodies that serve as a battle cry for the modern angst filled rebellious youth whilst unpacking a treasure trove of impactful human emotion, to ambient ballads that bless our ears with the hauntingly enchanting atmosphere where her introspective lyrical genius plays out like an Oscar winning movie. She’s a beautiful mystery, never sticking to one sonic language and instead shifting between pop, rock, punk, R&B and chill hop, becoming a musical chameleon in the process. She fascinatingly embraces every new sound as a new phase of her sonic journey, growing and maturing along with it as she brings her own fresh perspective to these classic genres with unwavering confidence and bravery that vibrantly captures the true Gen Z mentality. Regardless of what genre DellaXOZ shapes her sonic daydreams around, her intense ruminations on adolescence will forever be able to enrapture us.

Where Do I Belong?, her latest release, is one of her best tracks to date. She’s not afraid to experiment within her sound, reigniting a spark within the act of experimentalism that’s a marvel to behold, as she weaves her celestial vocal through a fluctuating melodic production. She strips it down to the bare minimum, removing all the excess instrumentals of previous tracks focusing on the core of her music: authenticity, passion, self expression and the story. The eery beauty of the ambient production, featuring disjointed psychedelia infused guitars, solemn drum beats and subtle glistening electronics, highlights the majesty of her vocal, making the visceral emotion connect instantly. This young Greater Manchester musician is ready to make her mark on the world.

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