Jordan Nash – Nightmares


West London native Jordan Nash takes the 60’s psychedelia movement, that made Jimi Hendrix a house hold name and Woodstock an iconic festival, and infuses it with the woozy sonic structure of modern alternative pop, giving us a fresh new take on a staple of music culture. His debut Nightmares is a catching lightning in a bottle moment, every little detail from the retro themed aesthetics of the music video ladened with late 60’s/early 70’s references and flamboyant yet earnest lyrics vividly depicting a zestful night out to the sonic palette that has us salivating and yearning vocal with an authentically earnest tone, all of it works marvellously together. He’s that tiny spark in the dead of night who manages to set who whole sky ablaze with his coruscating melodies like a roman candle who’s shimmering explosion leaves us all in awe for a few wistfully spellbinding moments. This sonic marvel is a page ripped out of history and stuck into the first page of our modern chapter, making it a more gripping read than we ever could’ve imagined.

As the track plays on and we see Nash’s night out soon focus on an individual who’s cherry cola tasting lips are all he can think about, we slowly find ourselves becoming enamoured with the heart he’s poured into this single. As he stumbles back home to catch the last train home, all we know is we’ll be riding with this young artist through the night wherever his musical musings may take us.

“‘Nightmares’ is that ‘where’s the party going next?’ feeling. Realising the shots are gonna keep coming and you just have to ride it out. Some of the best people around you end up being strangers you will probably never meet again- but for that moment it’s the only trip to take. It’s stumbling through the night, shades on, whiskey in a cola bottle… the last train home.”

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