Eddy Luna – Still Breathing


With introspective lyrics painting an authentic picture of relatable experiences, ranging from mental health, heartbreak and just about anything you’d find in your diary, that pull us into her ethereal world of wistful melodies, the Dudley native Eddy Luna is making sure you feel the tangible emotion pouring out of her. The young artist’s debut Still Breathing is a raw spellbinding affair, amalgamating all her influences, that range from the emotional prowess of Jazz icons like Ella Fitzgerald to the anthems her DJ dad would play around the house, to form a halcyon experience. Transparent in her emotions, her celestial vocal evokes heartfelt passion from the poignant musings she croons as she slowly lifts you out of the darkness with comforting phrases, “And I’m gonna be the one who listens,” and lets you know that although you’re not okay right now, you will be. Her positive affirmations about still being here to this day are blessed with her real life experiences, passing on her confidence to us through her empowering state of mind and getting us through the darker times in life.

Whilst a lot of artists dive into their own darkness to evoke emotion from that time and allow you to wrap yourself up in these dark times, Luna takes these negative experiences and turns them into something positive. She knows they hurt her, but she also knows that her downfalls can help uplift someone else by simply reminding them that we’re all human, not everything is meant to be perfect and through the darkness there’s always a ray of light.

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