Rest for the Wicked – Feel the Same Way

We’ve all had that moment before we dive head first into a relationship about whether or not the person has the same feelings we have for them. The overwhelming sensation of butterflies begins to fill our stomach as our mind reiterates our timid insecurities over to us through a megaphone, making our empowering bravery turn into a trembling puddle of fear hiding in the corner. This tale of indecisive love is what inspired the unorthodox musical talent of Rest for the Wicked to craft their sophomore single Feel the Same Way. Through their genreless soundscape they capture the free fall that comes with the early stages of love, you know the type where that person is always on your mind, and the lust that comes along with it, whilst also finding the timidness of showing those emotions. The woozy melodies glide across the psychedelia infused alt rock production, their raw Twenty One Pilots-esque vocals inject a rebellious edge and the introspective yet relatable lyrics give their fans something to find themselves within. For those who’ve ever felt imprisoned by their thoughts, trapped in the emotional solitude of overthinking or have ever been hyper-critical of yourself, then this duo is for you.

Rest for the Wicked are building a sound that’s for the outcasts of the world, the ones who didn’t hide around or say a common placed thing, but instead danced to the beat of their own drum and were a rainbow in a monotone world. They themselves were apart of the misfits and now they’re making them feel at home within their uniquely crafted music.

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