Jake LeMond – Miles


There’s a wholesome beauty that comes gushing out of Jake LeMond’s earnest musings like a dam bursting open. His introspective lyrics capture the subtle joys of the human spirit as well as the solemn moments we spend besides one another in isolation, making his sound the definition of saudade euphony. His music was designed for soundtracking our nuanced moments of happiness we often take for granted, be it the sound of rain falling onto trees, the smell of a hot coffee in the morning or, as he wistfully croons in Miles, the company of someone close to you.

Written in an hour once he got back from a long arduous tour, Miles chronicles the pain that comes with separation through heartfelt lyrics over a lushly textured soundscape of calming guitar plucking patterns and atmospheric drums. Palpable emotion pulsates through the track’s heart and soul with LeMond finding the right poetic words to create a world where we soon find ourselves embracing the pain of missing a loved one, be it someone who’s a hundred miles away or someone we will never see again. We start off with a whisper, just the soft tone of his hushed vocal gliding over the solemn melodies, as it all slowly builds into a cathartic shout where we enfold ourselves within the pain before letting it all go in a firework like explosion. Like a flower bud blossoming in the Spring time, this track is teeming with life and a sincere message that is passionately shared with us by a spellbinding artist.

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