R.I.Pablo – Sunday Morning Boy

Greeting you with a warm embrace that is reminiscent of a family member hugging you for the first time after months of not seeing them because of COVID, R.I.Pablo certainly knows how to brighten your morning with his holistic soundscape. His gossamer vocal shines like the morning sun as they blend effortlessly with the sweet sounding melodies of Sunday Morning Boy coming from hazy acoustic guitar licks, this sound will make you smile from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. However, upon closer inspection of the lyrics, you’ll soon find a more solemn story unfolding beneath the joyous masquerade of the vibrant soundscape. Based on a relationship that was entirely physical, R.I.Pablo wants nothing more than to develop a deep personal connection that transcends their usual late night activity, as he’s come to learn however she’ll never stick around for the night and will be gone by morning. Pulling at your heartstrings as if it were a guitar, the heartfelt story of openly confessing his feelings is relatable and devastating all in one beautifully saudade swoop of glistening beauty.

He only started his solo career earlier this year, but R.I.Pablo has always been a prolific songwriter having penned hits for Bebe Rexha, Alan Walker and even Marshmello’s latest collaboration with the Jonas Brothers. He’s a man of many talents and he isn’t stopping anytime soon, whether it be writing hits for others or creating his own mesmerising soundscape of hypnotic melodies, his musical talent isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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