Leyma – Bounce


With a fondness for old school hip hop and enamoured by Damon Albarn’s diverse career, East London’s Leyma is known for colliding a variety of soundscapes together in a euphonic explosion of awe-inspiring magnitude. Indie, R&B, Hip hop and more all feature within his consistently shifting sonic realm, best described as a fusion between Mac Miller’s hypnotic flow and lyrical honesty, that read like a diary entry, with Tame Impala’s magical production and DIY spirit. With lyrics documenting the young adult experience, Leyma is positioning himself to be the voice of a new generation of English youth, reflecting their own feelings through his exploratory narrative and hypnotic sonic world. His flair is undeniable, his style is indescribable and his talent with the quill is irrefutable. All of this and more is showcased in his latest buoyant single Bounce.

Wrapped in British summer sunshine and genuine heartfelt passion, he reflects upon his changing emotions he’s experienced throughout lockdown, going from being shrouded in darkness during the early days to a more optimistic look as he entered 2021. Capturing the bittersweet feeling, his authentic lyrics bring you into his headspace, seeing his growth and witnessing his revival as he breaks out into his creative stride like a prime Usain Bolt. This isn’t just a reintroduction to the Londoner’s talents, no it’s also him reintroducing himself to us as if he were an old friend, giving us a lowdown on what he’s been up to, what’s happened and how he’s changed since we last saw him. This is him bouncing back and come back stronger than ever before.

“This is a bounce back in all senses. ‘Bounce’ was written in and out of lockdown and over a whole range of head space, starting in a darker place which was where I seemed to find myself at the end of 2020 and more recently looking up into optimism. It took me five months to finish, which is by far the longest I’ve spent writing a single track. Most lyrics inconveniently came to me whilst driving, and are recorded in my bedroom. I wanted to make sure this one was an accurate statement of what’s been happening in my life since I last spoke over music.”

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