Shakota – Safe Side

Only one viral track away from creating tsunami sized waves in the UK’s thriving indie scene, West London native Shakota has a back catalogue filled with sonic summer sunshine that radiates a warm yet honest energy with his emotive songwriting being the core of it all. Infusing tinges of alternative jazz amidst a flurry of laidback indie melodies that transport you to a tropical paradise and idyllic vibes that breeze on by, letting the good times roll in, this gives you a little taste of his flavoursome sound. Despite the UK having a rather tepid summer, his hazy sonic soundscape turns an overcast day into a summer scorcher, allowing you relax and let the suns rays dance across your skin.

Delivered through a hypnotic sonic framework, Safe Side masquerades as a laidback idyllic track designed to make you fall into blissfully serene coma that melts away all the worries of modern living, however that is not entirely the case. Beneath the surface are introspective lyrics, poetically weaving together a heartfelt narrative you slowly become invested in before the poignant musings take a hold of you and refuse to let go. Shakota is like the sun, we’re all merely caught in the orbit of his gravitational pull and, with his earnest voice melting into the lo-fi soundscape, it’s impossible to want to get out of it. Shakota is ready to put himself amongst the best of the UK’s rapidly rising talents.

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