Daisy Brain – Powder Train


If you’re looking for something to blast out in your bedroom that makes you put on your own private concert to a crowd of stuff animals as you belt out the lyrics and throw caution to the wind with your reckless antics, then be prepared for the unstoppable force of Daisy Brain. Abandoning the usual gossamer vocals that’ve invaded the charts as of late, his raw vocal pierces through the punk landscape of Powder Train like a rays of sunlight through the clouds and encourage you to join in. The ebullient angst is reminiscent of early 2000’s rock mixed with Paramore, going from solemn verses that lets the emotion stick with you before unleashing it in a cathartic explosion in the chorus, pulling you along for the ride without hesitation. The brutality of the lyrics is hard to ignore too, avoiding any form of elegance and instead going for blunt reality that makes the message all the more impactful. A highlight that I can easily see fans tattooing on themselves is, “a passion for standing up for myself is lacking,” seriously that is an outstanding lyric.

An anthem that could launch a stadium full of people into a mosh pit of unbridled euphoria, Daisy Brain certainly knows how to craft music that lets you unleash your angst and express your grievances. You’ll soon gravitate towards Daisy Brain’s sound and beg for more in a matter of seconds.

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