Sometimes we get so wrapped up within our own thoughts that we become ridiculously hyper critical of ourselves. Every little thing we do and we think is a mistake, we find it near impossible to compliment ourselves and struggle to enjoy the life we’re living because we’re afraid to be reckless and break the cycle of our everyday life. This whole ordeal was what inspired the LA based musician dai5y to write her song DO WHAT I WANNA, an anthem to remind her that change, although scary, can lead to marvellous things. Finding the joy in the uncertainty of what tomorrow brings, this track serves as her own personal smackdown against her critical ways whilst nurturing her inner child and being authentically true to herself, not giving a flying toss about what anyone else thinks. With scintillating pop melodies bouncing over the buoyant soundscape of effervescent synths brimming with personality and her vocal being filled with an undeniable charisma, DO WHAT I WANNA is a pop force to be reckoned with. The unbridled freedom she offers is hard to ignore and her empowering lyrics are just the cherry on top.

Having only dropped two singles so far, dai5y is proving to be a pop prodigy in the making. Never faltering, her music cuts through the traditional pop crowd and creates something wondrously relatable. She’s giving herself the time, space and freedom to figure out who she is, and it looks like music will forever be apart of that grand plan.

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