Xander Sol & Lethr – GLOW


Xander Sol and Lethr have created the soundtrack to our fleeting summer. The optimism they’ve injected into their latest collaboration is simply infectious, featuring a 60’s styled guitar riff that feels like something straight out of Woodstock, a lo-fi percussion with an early 90’s hip hop influence and hazy piano keys, it bask in its own warm GLOW. The unorthodox nature of the off-kilter chorus captures the reckless abandonment of youth whilst simultaneously being a ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day, especially when the tenderly joyful vocal bounces into place. It’s euphoria wrapped up into a glistening soundscape of summer jubilance that Lethr has produced perfectly, its aura radiate an overwhelming sense of happiness that is matched beat for beat by the charismatic performance of Xander Sol, making this kaleidoscopic narrative a must listen.

Having connected through Discord, Xander Sol and Lethr have showcased both of their individual talents in pure style. Lethr creating a soundscape that screams good old fashioned summer fun with a nostalgic twist, giving the youthful sonic experience a wonderful edge, and Xander Sol emitting nothing but star quality as he brings the lyrics to life effortlessly. They don’t just glow, they shine!

“We began to share projects back and forth over DMs and email (as Lethr is from India while I am from the U.S.), building our own unique creative relationship while developing a sound that we ourselves felt driven to tackle. The day that ‘GLOW’ came about, I had woken up to this beat that Lethr had sent me. The drive and the mood of the instrumental had me hooked so fast, I wrote the whole song in under 2 hours and had the rough song recorded by the end of that day.” – Xander Sol

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