Myles Cameron & Downtown Kayoto – Lord of the Flies

Myles Cameron, a New York City based musician who paints vivid pictures through his nostalgia ladened lyrical storytelling and raw sonic landscape. Downtown Kayoto, a Hull based musician who gallantly displays unflinchingly authentic emotion through his chaotic yet poised vocal. Put the two together and you’ve got a dream collaboration that makes this transatlantic duo a force to be reckoned with. Individually they’ve both made their mark in their respective countries, Cameron creating wondrous melodies for all to behold in his home city and Kayoto putting Hull’s music scene on the map in ways never seen before. Now they’re combining their forces in an eruption of sonic brilliance that forms a battle cry, rallying us all to break free and let chaos ensue.

Named after the iconic book, Lord of the Flies is an artfully poignant insight into the complexities of entering adulthood in the modern era. Opening with soft alluring melodies that compliment both vocal sets, we slowly build to a cacophony of chaos where the production becomes more erratic as the vocals jarringly bounce off one another in the most fascinating way that leaves you breathless. It represents the transition to adulthood beautifully, the calm beginning before slowly going insane and wanting nothing more than to break free from the monogamy of bills and taxes to live in the unknown. This unconventional indie rock anthem is pure class from both of these artists, we have no doubt they’ll continue to soar high above with their unrivalled talent.

“I was really inspired by rock while making this. Radiohead and Nirvana and Paramore. Just the rawness of it. I think we’re stepping into this really cool time in music where all the black kids who grew up listening to rock music in the pop-punk era 10 years ago are making music of their own. 

Lord of the Flies is about breaking free. It’s the sound of jumping off the porch and running toward greener pastures, toward something uncertain but exciting and new. I’ve been in a real transitional period in my life as of late, some of my meditations on growing into my own identity and longing for my own space bled into this track. It’s also one of the tracks where the rock energy I was trying to channel in this project shines through the clearest.

I found out about Downtown Kayoto a few months before I made this song and I’d been just dying to get his voice on this project. Something about his energy and tone just really inspired me. He really helped to articulate the more chaotic and urgent parts of that need to break free.”

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