Oompa – LEBRON


Like the man the track is named after, the Boston born and raised poet, rapper and educator Oompa is slam dunking on the competition and consistently shooting three pointers with her clever wordplay that proves the pen is mightier than the sword. LEBRON showcases her memorable lyrical wordplay in a fun and exciting way, over a booming beat her charismatic flow fills her narrative with unrivalled confidence and personality, making you stick your head up high and feel as if you can take on the world in the process. It’s a self-empowerment anthem, not giving a toss what other people think and letting it roll off you like water off a duck’s back, similar to how Lebron himself lives his life. Channelling the rap gods of yesterday, she consistently defies what the naysayers have to say, overcoming it all with ease as her signature deep toned and breathy rapping style encourages you to do the same in a poetic display.

Right now she’s enriching Boston with her talent and it won’t be too long til she has the world at her feet. Lebron is the king of the court and Oompa is the queen of Boston’s fiery rap scene.

“I was like, who must feel like a bad bitch all the time? It’s between Drake and Lebron — it’s got to be Lebron. It doesn’t matter what conversation Lebron is in — he just seems so unaffected by people’s opinions, and he outperforms himself. It seems like he’s always in competition with himself.”

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