Cry Baby – Must Be Something

There’s been a resurgence over the past few months of the 90’s boyband sound. Artists left, right and centre have been adding their own sonic twist to the already iconic sound, transforming the Backstreet Boys from nostalgic bops that get everyone belting out the chorus like they were born with the lyrics engraved on their brain, to modern hybrid concoctions that are just as irresistible as before. One shining example of this is the band Cry Baby, as 90’s kids themselves and inspired by the music they were raised on, they dug up 30 year old samples and synthesisers to create their new yet old sound. Adding in a modern R&B flair and tantalising electronics, their hybrid take on this sonic era formed and fans soon flocked to become enamoured by it. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up having people at their gigs with cardboard signs screaming as they got on stage.

Their latest release Must Be Something is a call out to all the lovers who refuse to make up their mind, leaving you hanging and pulling you along with a string until they’re done toying with your emotions. The buoyant production takes flight with this wistful nostalgia ladened soundscape, giving the sass filled vocals a chance to charismatically croon the cheeky and audacious lyrics with pure confidence. If you’re having your feelings toyed with, go outside their house with a boombox and play this out. Give them the power move they aren’t expecting and become the lover they wish they had, not the one they think they deserve.

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