Loyal Lobos – Hate My Face

In our reality we alls perceive ourselves as the good guy. In each tale we recount to someone we always come across as the one in the right, never venturing further than our own mindset and not once considering anything other than our own truth. However in someone else’s story we’re the villain, they retell it differently to us with all the same details but this time we’re the Voldemort to their Harry Potter. A tough pill to swallow for many. However it’s something we must all come to terms with, as the Bogotá, Colombia-born, Los Angeles, California-based artist Loyal Lobos recently figured out for herself. Letting go of the feelings others might think or say about her behind her back, she instead focuses on living her life for herself and not caring what other people’s stories might be. Being the author of her own tale is enough for her and she’s now turned this life affirming lesson into a spellbinding song that follows on from her acclaimed debut album Everlasting.

Marrying the spellbinding songwriting of her previous project as she explores a vast new soundscape featuring glistening flecks of folk, thriving anthemic pop hooks and even some early 90’s dance beats intermixing with a subtle alternative rock edge, Hate My Face is a marvel. Echoing with the nostalgia of a past friendship over the distinct sonic landscape, you get an instant saudade experience, reliving the memories she once shared with the acceptance of all good things must come to an end. Her expansive ruminations of this experience are filtered through her halcyon vocal display, going from the delicately dancing through the tender verses of intricate guitar melodies to erupting into a fervent explosion of emotion from the defiant chorus that electrifies this whole sonic experience. Whatever story Loyal Lobos is in, we just hope it results in more passionate tracks like this.

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