Emma Bradley – I’ll Be Outside

London based musician Emma Bradley has already proven that she’s got a knack for crafting emotionally evocative music with an undertone of whimsical nostalgia that effortlessly pulls at your heartstrings like a prime harpist. Her debut EP Perfumed by You is a testament to this, melting intense emotions riddled with anxiety and heartbreak with her ongoing message of hope, finding that bright light amidst the dark veil that comes with overbearing emotional pain. Her haunting ballads and wistful tearjerkers have seen her grow from a quiet newcomer to boasting a loyal fanbase who’ve become enamoured by her intimate yet utterly spellbinding soundscape. Whilst her entire EP was a true treat, the track I’ll Be Outside is what stuck out to me and became my favourite track of hers to date.

Her lighter than air vocal glides over the lo-fi study beats and jazz inspired guitars like a majestic stork, but it’s the breezy feel good vibe that makes this stand out. She still maintains the strong emotional core that’s become the centre piece of all her tracks, the difference here though is that there’s a blissful optimism that shines brighter than the sun that radiates throughout the single. It makes this serene piece even more magical, carrying an ethereal quality with shimmering melodies that make this a laidback, chilled out summer anthem. Magic comes in all shapes and sizes, but Emma Bradley’s comes in sonic glory.

“It was such a fun song to make, and doesn’t take itself seriously at all, which is why I love it so much. I don’t take myself that seriously, so it’s cool to have more of a fun song in the mix. I actually wrote the song to myself when I was going through a bad time and I really needed a ‘ride or die’ figure in my life which I didn’t feel like I have, so the song is me deciding to be that for myself. It’s also just about showing up for someone you love in general. The ‘I’ll be outside’ lyric makes me think of pulling up in a car outside and being like ‘whatever you’re going through I’ll be outside when you’re ready to get in and drive away from this thing’, sounds a little weird but it was so visual to me.”

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