JAXN – Daydreaming

With a nostalgic throwback to his own musical upbringing during the early 00’s with a 90’s indie rock undertone, Manchester born musician JAXN knows how to keep the musical ideologies of the past alive whilst defiantly keeping his eyes set forward towards the future. Still maintaining his razor sharp lyricisms that paint a vivid picture like the latest bestselling novel, Daydreaming is a musical vision that has been years in the making and, like Leonardo Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa, the end product was more than worth the wait. The vibe filled production features laidback guitar riffs reminiscent of Oasis with a subtle country tone that appears during the chorus, calming electronics that add to the whimsical atmosphere and even a violin interlude that carefully lulls us into the calming end of the piece. Whilst the production maintains a calming aura the lyrics go for another angle, having a solemn tone to them that JAXN channels his own angst into with a punk edge that the pop melodies form a hypnotic juxtaposition around. Include a catchy hook that wriggles its way into your head and, like magic, you’ve got one of JAXN’s best tracks to date.

Fusing genres together in boundary blurring experimentation with an emphatic sound behind it and vigorous vocal performance to boot, JAXN isn’t just your average musician. He’s ready to show the UK scene what its been missing and make us all go from the dull reality of work, to a vibrant daydream.

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