Bryce Morgan – BETTER NOW

Australia’s music scene is currently going through a golden period. Countless artists from down under are rising up and unleashing their musical talents upon the world, be it rap, pop, rock or even country, the nation is creating some exciting artists right now and right in the middle of that is the 17 year old Bryce Morgan. Having just dropped his debut single WONDER back in 2020, the young Aussie has already poised himself as a future star within the country. Spending his formative years experimenting with genres, creating beats and blending genres together, it should come as no surprise that his music does the same. Taking pop hooks, hip hop beats and alternative guitar riffs, his sound is unique yet familiar and his third single single sees him hit his creative stride in pure style.

BETTER NOW is his best track to date. Featuring a left-of-centre production of brooding guitars and spaced out beats, highlighting his yearning vocal evoking high amounts of emotion in the process, you’re immediately invested. His provocative lyrical tapestries showcases his vulnerability as his unfiltered thoughts flutter out of his voice, making you connect with the story as if it were happening to you. If his past releases are anything to go by, Bryce Morgan is set to be one of Australia’s future teen icons in the same vein as Billie Eilish was to America and Holly Humberstone is becoming in the UK. When he hits the road, I want front row seats to that show, it will undoubtably be a blast.

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