boler mani – no patience


In a surging force of fervent hip hop energy, the 19 year old Melbourne based musician boler mani channels his inner Tyler the Creator with a staggeringly menacing beat being the driving force behind his mesmerising single no patience. From the get go his production is consistently shifting, erratic by design the organised chaos that ensues from the bombastic beats reverberating through your body, a pulsating bass that packs an almighty punch and bliss inducing harmonious electronics is utterly addictive. It’s unpredictable in the best way imaginable, managing to go from hard-hitting BROCKHAMPTON meets seeyousoon type of number to a serene soundscape that makes you feel like you’re in a dreamland. It’s always in your face, never letting you stop to take a break, he lets you have everything in a flurry of rapid-fire lyrical wit that his charismatically chaotic flow delivers with an unforgettable punch. Charisma, fierce passion, non-stop thrill and intertwining influences, this track has got everything you could ever want for a memorable single.

This young musician creates vivid experiences through his music, painting a picture through his metaphor ladened lyrics that gives you insight into what his beliefs, feelings and past experiences all are in one glorious euphonic gift. Whilst he leaves his lyrics open to interpretation, the only thing that is clear cut in his sound is how good it is. One to watch for sure.

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