Noah Elliott – Who Takes The Prize

After creating a string of singles from his college dorm room, graduating college and travelling around Asia for 6 months, the Oregon native Noah Elliott finally arrived in L.A where his pop sound took an unexpected twist. Pairing up with Dylan Bauld (Halsey and Bea Miller), he continued to create clean cut pop music that you could easily sing along with in the shower, but in his latest release we get to see a new side of him. From the first syllable he utters you can tell that Who Takes The Prize is different, throwing away the usual light-hearted emotive pop sound of old, he instead goes ventures into a brooding dark pop soundscape with a sinister underbelly that is like Troye Sivan meeting Lorde.

A thumping bass-line gives you vivid images of a gritty underground club with the pulsating beats being something you’d expect to hear on packed dance-floor with people sweating from the groove filled good time they’re taking part in. That’s the thing, whilst the lyrics have a more ominous tinge to them, the production is like a buoyant display of dance filled goodness. No doubt there’ll be a fair few producers gunning to remix and add their own personal spin to this, but the beat is already so good I question what else they’d be able to add to it. Get this on and dance all night long.

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