Capturing the early 2000’s emo ballad to a tea, with a nostalgic sound that is reminiscent of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ noteworthy track Your Guardian Angel, CRIM furthers his creative ingenuity with his latest drop. The Irish musician has developed a cult like following over the past year, filled with people who’ve become wrapped up in his introspective, honest and brutally raw lyrical musings that they found themselves within and, before too long, developed a powerful connection with his musical perspective. In SCREAMING OUT TO A GOD we get to see this and then some as he addresses themes of hopelessness and helplessness through a mixture of metaphors and unfiltered internal dialogue. He shows how in times of need when the world has no sympathy for our pain, we often turn to greater force in the world, speaking to someone we might not believe is there but hope it will help relieve our pain, or maybe just find the answer to resolve this without having it spelled out to us.

An intimate atmosphere is formed from the get go with the gentle strums of an acoustic guitar highlighting the hurt from CRIM’s expressive vocal, making it feel like a friend openly confessing their suffering to you. This immense struggle to go on with life slowly builds throughout until we get the moment where CRIM literally screams out to a god through an eruption of explosive guitars, climactic drums and primal vocal belts that makes the pain palpable. CRIM has got the makings to be a force within Ireland and far beyond, soon we’ll all be screaming out his name.

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