Akintoye – Overload


If you haven’t stumbled across Akintoye on Tik Tok yet then it’s time for you to join the hype train. The 21 year old is a vivid storyteller with his music consistently proving that the pen is mightier than the story as his octane delivery fires his creative lyrical wordplay at you in rapid fashion. He creates attention grabbing music with his melodies sticking with you after one listen and his compelling youthful energy effortlessly putting a pep in your step with the good vibes he offers. There’s even an air of nostalgia that comes pouring of his music like Niagara Falls, with the energetic flow and charismatic performance being reminiscent of The Notorious B.I.G in Mo Money Mo Problems and the early days of West Coast Hip Hop. It’s very easy to see why he’s developed loyal fanbase who praise his music like they’re in church on a Sunday morning.

His latest single Overload continues to show how he is a modern day lyrical wizard, his clever wordplay about his rise to where he is now and where he he’s going to be are rapidly fired at you like a machine gun, going from, “I put my name in conversation adjacent to domination,” to, “The ease make elites quake and knees break,” in quick succession. His infectious flow matches the irresistible production beat for beat, clashing together to make an uplifting atmosphere that could turn the deadest of parties into one that is exploding with life. Dropping fire like a Charmander, it won’t be too long before we’re belting his lyrics right back at him in a stadium, it’s just inevitable. Be sure to check out his latest album Centrepiece now.

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