girlhouse – happy now

Nostalgia, that is the first word that comes to my mind whenever I hear a girlhouse track. Despite producing captivating modern indie rock, they carry a sentimental whimsy that transports you back to your youth in a flurry of sharp jump cuts, hazy memories and a much needed serotonin boost. However, there are times, like today in happy now, when this L.A songstress ventures into morose territory, mixing past experiences within a melancholia induced soundscape that offers us a moment of emotional catharsis whilst still allowing us to wrap ourselves up in the nostalgia of lovers and friendships of the past. Yes this indie rock ballad makes you get wrapped up in your feels but has an underlying euphoria to it. Whilst the story she croons would be fitting for a tearjerking Greys Anatomy episode, the production has this joyous undertone, forming a magical juxtaposition that makes this perfect for any arthouse indie movie.

Whether it be crying in your bedroom over relationships from the past that you cannot change or moments of freedom where you let your hair roam free whilst in a convertible, this track will have an emotional effect on you. Lose yourself in it and go through this bittersweet experience for yourself.

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