AVIV & OCTAVIO the Dweeb – Black Coffee

Back in 2020 AVIV captured our attention, as well as our hearts, through her relatable single Frontlawn, which captured the wistful, carefree nature of adolescence in spellbinding fashion. Her refreshing perspective tied in with her halcyon vocals and personal lyrics, that read like torn diary pages, all stood out as they formed a euphonically enchanting sonic experience with a dreamy atmosphere to match. Since then, countless fans have fallen head over heels for the starlets raw narrative prowess, her unfiltered thoughts trickled their way into the hearts of her fans, finding comfort within her intricate wordings. Now the fan favourite track Black Coffee has gotten an official remix, courtesy of the passionate performer OCTAVIO the Dweeb who adds a raw distinct edge to the number.

This masterful reiteration of the rapidly rising track keeps everything we loved about the original but adds a bit of flavour that keeps it fresh in our mind and has us looking at both with utter fondness. Feeling like an open conversation, we see the pair openly vent their frustrations with this relationship losing its spark and the pair drifting further apart until, like the grains of black coffee at the bottom of the cup, their relationship is poured down the drain. Their vocals blend together like fine gold dust, both bringing out the emotion in one another and finding that special bittersweet sound that brings the message crashing down upon all who hear. It’s like the magical sound of Clairo meeting the emotive passion of The 1975, what’s not to love?

These two prodigal musicians are individually ready to take on the world, put them together and you’ve got a collaboration that puts the Bad Guy remix for Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish to shame. They’re both ready to make their impact on the music world.

“With COVID, a lot of my friendships and my friends’ romantic relationships just came to a full stop,” she observes. “People drifted. When you pour out your cup of black coffee, there are all of these grains in the bottom that stay there. Those grains are all of the things that could’ve been pursued, but the cup was already poured out. That’s the deeper meaning.”

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