Alewya – Spirit_X


Heavily inspired by the communal spirit and visceral experience that only a rave can bring, the London based musician Alewya creates an otherworldly experience with an apocalyptic track that makes you dance like it was your last night on earth. Spirit_X is one of the best tracks of 2021, with unrelenting beats pulsating through your body, Alewya’s fast paced impactful vocals passionately delivering introspective lyrical musings and a high octane production that continuously propels the piece forward into the unknown, all coming together to form an electrifying number. Everything from the energy, concept and visuals to the choreography and design, it all brings you into this communal world, that this isolated country has sorely been missing, and experience the true ecstasy of a rave once again.

Alewya elevates herself with every release, creating refreshing soundscapes to give her powerful words a space to ignite change and breathe excitement back into the world. Her creative direction is on another level and her musicality is unrivalled, but it’s her message about finding a connection is what rings true and makes her something special. Alewya is becoming the voice for London’s underground scene and her music will soon spark a connection revolution.

I know that the rave can be utilised as ritual and ceremony to transform, uplift and energise a person. I love giving visceral experiences. I love drum and bass for that specific reason. ‘Spirit_X’ encompasses all of the above in my way.

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