georgee – baby4u

Back in the 1980’s the slow jam was in full swing and georgee is bringing it back into the modern era today with his debut single, that leaps between genres like a gazelle in the wild, titled baby4u. Opening with his soft-sounding vocal we’re greeted by an intricate acoustic guitar riff, setting the scene with a tender atmosphere, allowing the heavily emotional lyrics about growing up and trying to reconcile with the past to breathe, becoming a sonic snapshot in the process. Then, in raw primal scream, an explosion appears with his vocal unleashing all of his feelings in a euphonic eruption of vibrant wonder that lets you know what this Athens-born and Boston-raised musician is capable of doing and then some. He effortlessly melts honey drizzled harmonies of R&B gone-by together with his simmering instrumentation to make a soundscape that is a marvel to witness.

This is just the beginning of what looks to be an exciting career for the young musician, and all this came to be thanks to his dad’s gift of a first-gen iPod, featuring an abundance of eclectic music for him to love. Prepare to watch georgee dive head first into the musical landscape and carve out a position for himself because in the depth of night, his moonlight outshines even the brightest of stars.

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