dou. – heaven’s home. // SLUMS


It’s rare you come across an artist who’s writing bares their soul out to the audience like the Harlem, New York native dou. does. The 21 year old is the definition of an open book, using his poetic lyrics, that could easily win a Pulitzer Prize, to paint a vivid picture that oozes passion and a raw artistry that encapsulates this. His storytelling is otherworldly, you close your eyes and you’re standing there with him as he artfully depicts the scene, each word adding to the cinematic image we’re creating as his minimalistic sonic landscape paints the scene for us to behold. That’s the thing about dou. though, he doesn’t hide behind his production, he lets his lyrics do the talking. He opens heaven’s home. // SLUMS by discussing his Harlem community, “mama used to add a spice of vanilla / suga 4 for the war outside,” before ending opening up about the gentrification of his home, “condos having growth spurts, they aint even from here.”

Throughout this dou. takes you on a journey. He doesn’t mince his words or try to hide away behind a shroud of dishonest nonsense, he’s the genuine article from start to finish as he openly expresses all of his unfiltered thoughts and feelings through an artistic lens that makes him a treasure in this genre. He’s special, he’s one of a kind, he’s an artist who can insight change that he wants to see and elevate his community whilst doing so. Remember the name dou. because his poetic words will soon be everywhere.

Must Read