Myles Cameron – Summer ’19 ft. Moise


After an 18 month musical hiatus, New York City based musician Myles Cameron marks his return with a triumphant indie summer anthem that paints a vivid picture through his nostalgia ladened lyrical storytelling and evocative vocal prowess. Collaborating with Moise, the pair manage to exude a natural warmth that brings you into their summer memories, with Summer ’19 sharing moments filled with laughter, jubilance and love that all swirl through your mind as he celebrates his own coming of age. The music video represents this perfectly too, echoing the vibrancy of the track, “it’s a true celebration of black boy joy,” and the final shot of him and his friends having a spontaneous moment of utter joy in front of an open fire hydrant is a testament to everything this song is about.

Be it the hazy summer vibes you get from the scintillating production featuring coming of age soundtrack styled chopped guitars and head bopping drums that produce a serene joyous atmosphere, the lush vocals that welcome you with open arms into his world or his masterful songwriting that rivals the heavy hitters of modern music, this song has something for everyone. It’s a swelling number that grows and grows until the nostalgia ladened fun soundscape takes you on a ride you never want to get off of. Myles Cameron is magic in musical form.

“Summer ’19 is a hazy summer memory. As soon as I heard the chopped guitar I knew in my head where the song would take place. The instrumental leans very indie, but Moise and I are both black artists. Historically there isn’t a whole lot of representation of people who look like us in that space, so the whole song became sort of this rumination on that juxtaposition. The hook, song structure, and certain lines of Moise’s verse could have come straight out of some rap shit. We were both kind of like, okay this is an indie jam, but how do we make it unapologetically blacked out.”

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