Jordn – Blessed


During moments where we’re down and there appears to be no light amongst a shroud of darkness, we often just want someone to bring us a torch and help us find our way back to who we are. Los Angeles based songwriter Jordn felt this during a dark period of his life, but having no one around at that time he decided to give himself a pep talk, leading to the creation of his evocative single Blessed. Being emotionally driven at its core, Jordn speaks directly to your soul as his passionate lyrical display reminds you how well you’re doing, no need to be hard on yourself when you’re already thriving in the world.

The somber production of heavy beats that reverberate through your body and atmospheric beats, reminiscent of Post Malone, contrasts the inspirational energy the vocal provides, representing your sadness and hope in one sweeping motion. It’s an unflinchingly honest look at his own life that is shown through such strong candour that you feel like you know him personally once the track ends. Jordn makes his long awaited comeback in pure style.

“This song for me really was me giving myself a pep talk. I was feeling really down at that point in time for whatever reason, and I wanted to remind myself that I was actually doing a good job. It wasn’t just luck that ended me up here and I truly have something to share through what I create whether it’s by myself or collaboratively.”

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