Tanisako – Fire

After the first 10 seconds of Tanisako’s new track Fire and you’ll soon realise exactly why it’s called that, seriously he could rival the sun with the amount of heat radiating off of this track. His passionate vocal with a warped reverb clashes with the apocalyptic soundscape of booming cacophony like electronics and subtle keys, that give off a classic Motown soul vibe, to provide a colourful explosion of emotional brilliance. The 22-year-old, Japanese-American has already proven his talent with previous releases but with this track he’s raised his game and become a true force to be reckoned with.

If you’re looking for an artist who matches his authentic storytelling with a out of the box fever dream like soundscape that has the ability to tackle every emotion on the human spectrum, then you need to hop onto him. He’s one of the most talented upcoming songwriters I’ve seen in recent memory and he’s ready to make a lasting impression on this genre.

Tanisako ยท Fire

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