Hotel Fiction – Daydrifter

If you’re looking for a nostalgia trip that’s going to send you on a first class ride back to the best summer of your life, complete with ice cold drinks, stupidly fun memories, reckless activities you wouldn’t tell your family and blissful nights under the stars, then look no further. With a sun kissed production and a whimsical atmosphere that makes it belong in a Netflix teen movie (not the Kissing Booth or Tall Girl), Hotel Fiction’s latest single Daydrifter is utterly serene and feels like a summer daydream in song form. Genuinely, it’s hard to escape the quirky wondrous joy they’ve created.

The halcyon experience invites you into a carefree headspace where the jovial guitar riffs casually dance across your ear drums to produce a cheshire cat like smile across your face as the worries of modern living melt away. It’s a charming summer anthem with a heartfelt narrative that makes you want to rent a camper van, grab some friends (maybe even a dog) and go on an adventure you’ll never forget. Hotel Fiction, nothing is fictional about how insanely talent they are.

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